Numerous people have inquired about purchasing some of the card designs created by Wedgegate Marketing. This catalog enables other Mailbox Power users and affiliates to select and purchase designs appropriate for their own use.

You must have an active Mailbox Power account to receive any designs. Sets of related designs will be shared as a single shipment automation. You will need to edit each individual design to place it in your Saved Projects area and perform any customization you will want to apply. Afterward you may use your customized design in any automations you create yourself.

External link opens in new tab or windowView the CatalogView the Catalog

How to Order a Design

Order one design set at a time. Click the identifier link at the top of card set or gift item that you want to purchase.

Your browser will attempt to open your email application. The subject line will include the name of the set. Add your full name, email address, and any message before you click send.

If your email program fails to open, send an email to External link opens in new tab or  Include the design identifier, your name, and your email address.

Go to External link opens in new tab or and send the price of the set to

If you prefer not to use PayPal, notify us and we will arrange another payment method.

After PayPal notifies Wedgegate Marketing that payment has been received, a Mailbox Power automation containing all the card designs as a single shipment will be shared with you via email.

In most cases, the email inviting you to share the automation will arrive within 24 hours.

You will need to edit each card or item in the shared automation to place that project in your Shared Projects area.  Edit each project that meets your needs.

You can then create your own automations using your edited projects (cards and gifts). In most cases, the shared projects are ready to send, but there are instances where you will need to specify your preferred URLs for the Dynamic QR Code placeholders.